Zdeněk Šimák
tel: +420 606 620 209
email: zdenek.simak(at)
Jižní Čechy – okres Prachatice

My name is Zdeněk Šimák and my hobby is the complete renovation of all Indian motorcycle types and also other veteran motorcykles makes. I am able to rebuild old motorcycles from any condition to fully aesthetically and functional beautiful motorcycle, which is in accordance with today’s high requirements. To achieve the final perfect renovation, I repair works of frames, engines, sheet metal parts and electrical systems to the full extent.

Parts of my works are: 

  • complete renovation and partial renovation of all Indian motorcycle types
  • complete renovation of all types of veteran motorcycles
  • repairs of electrical equipment (BOSCH, SPLITDORF)
  • production of parts of frames and engines
  • spraypaint and lining of motorcycles
  • metalworks
  • repairs and renovations of carburettors SCHEBLER